Car Vacuum Cleaner, USB Computer Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Computers
  • The filth in the keyboard corner is simple to remove thanks to the compact size,
  • which is also intended for vacuuming up heavy dirt and dust.
  • Simply connect the vacuum to the computer’s USB connection on your laptop.
  • This portable vacuum cleaner helps keep your keyboard clean.
  • It works well with keyboards, printers, cameras, audiovisual devices, and other office electronics.Vacuum Cleaner, Dry

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Car Vacuum Cleaner, USB Computer Mini Vacuum Cleaner, USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner for Computers

Powered High Vacuum Cleaning the interior of your automobile is made simple and quick by a robust engine that generates 360 degree strong and consistent cyclonic suction.

Wet and Dry Amphibious Perfect for removing liquids, pet hair, dog hair, and other dirt from surfaces. Use this strong portable vacuum to quickly and easily do basic cleaning tasks. With this cordless vacuum, you can pick up anything from heaped breakfast cereal to wood shavings in the kitchen or the car.


Car Vacuum Cleaner And to concentrate on doing light vacuuming efficiently.
High-end design, a little bit heavier dust that is customizable.
may also serve as a main chassis for IT goods including digital cameras, displays, and cameras.
In order to enjoy the pleasure of computers in a clean environment, you no longer need a computer that is covered in dust and grime. Instead, use this small USB vacuum cleaner to clean your computer.
created to be used for cleaning phone keyboards


  • Material: ABS + Metal
  • Size:14*3.5*4cm
  • 5 colors (color random sent)

Package included: 1 x Mini USB Keyboard Cleaner



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