Waterproof Car Rearview Mirror Film (2Pcs)

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  • Rearview mirror visibility is preserved with the help of a specially formulated coating that repels rain and water.
  • Enhanced Safety: Prevents water puddles from obscuring the driver’s field of vision, lowering the danger of accidents when it rains.
  • Simple installation procedure that only requires cleaning the mirror surface and sticking the adhesive film.
  • Universal Fit: Available in a range of sizes to fit many automobile makes and styles and mirror shapes.
  • Some movies have anti-fog features that guarantee clear vision even in humid conditions or when the temperature inside the car fluctuates.
  • High-quality materials that are resistant to deterioration and the elements were used to create the durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  • UV Protection: Provides defense against sun damage and harmful UV rays, extending the useful life of the rearview mirror.
  • Provides a layer of protection that reduces the possibility of scratches and blemishes on the mirror surface.
  • Cleaning isn’t necessary often because dirt and grime don’t tend to stick to the water-repellent surface.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: A practical means of improving driving visibility and security without the expense of labor-intensive installations or alterations.
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Interior Rearview With Anti-fog And Anti-scratch Waterproof Hd Clear Protective Sticker Film For Car Mirrors, Side Windows, And Safe Driving SAFETY AND SECURITY: These vehicle mirror waterproof membrane are an innovation that can address the issue of being unable to see the rear view mirror clearly on cloudy or rainy days, ensures the safety of driving on rainy days, and makes your life safe and practical.

SAFE DRIVING: This automobile rearview mirror film includes protective film and Nano-coating, has high light transmittance, multi-function side mirror waterproof film, and has high light transmittance. It can offer you unmatched service, safe driving, and clear eyesight even on rainy and foggy days.

EASY TO INSTALL: Use the clean cloth provided in the package to wipe away dust and grime from the mirror before putting the waterproof film to the rearview mirror. After adhering the protective film to the mirror, use the scraper to remove any water or air that may have accumulated inside.

WIDE APPLICATIONS: The car mirror film is available in several widths, which you may roughly cut to fit most automobile side windows and rearview mirrors, including those on cars, buses, taxis, trucks, trailers, motorbikes, and soon


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