Digital Weighing Machine (10 KG)

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  • A digital scale for precise weight measuring
  • 10 kg is the maximum weight that may be supported.
  • High-precision sensors for accurate readings
  • Tare function to subtract the weight of containers or items
  • The two units of measurement are kg and g.
  • Backlit LCD display that is simple to read
  • Auto-off function to extend battery life
  • Low battery warning for prompt replacements
  • Design that is portable and small
  • Surface that is long-lasting and simple to maintain
  • Ideal for use in the kitchen, controlling meal portions, and more


Digital Weighing Machine (10 Kg)/Digital Weighing Scale (10 Kg)

A healthy diet is an important component of daily life. If you want to adopt a healthy diet or if you are concerned about how to select a digital kitchen scale, you should pay attention to digital kitchen scales since they will be your best option.This professional scale is made for the kitchen, mail room, or even your workshop. It has a big round stainless steel pan that can be washed frequently.Due to its splash proof design, it guarantees accurate weighing even in high humidity areas. It is suitable for all kitchens and simple to operate.

High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System
Has the capability to weigh various components in the same container using TARE
10 kg capacity
Resolution: 0.1 oz and 1g.
1g, or 0.0353 oz, is the minimum weight.
The battery-operated digital kitchen scale is simple to use.
friendly to users Digital Weighing Machine

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