Automatic Toothpick Dispenser, Toothpick Storage Box, Toothpick Holder Dispenser

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  • Easy Access: An automatic pop-up mechanism makes toothpicks available with just a push or slide.
  • Maintains Automatic Toothpick Dispenser clean and ready for use by protecting them against contaminants such as dust, dirt, and other particles.
  • Sleek Design: A stylish, contemporary design brings aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, office, or eating area.
  • Capacity: Provides enough room for a sizable number of toothpicks to be stored, minimizing the need for regular refilling.
  • Toothpicks may be dispensed with only one hand, making it simple to use while preparing food, eating, or entertaining guests.
  • Refillable: Simply add more toothpicks to the dispenser as needed to reduce waste and guarantee a steady supply.
  • Portable: The dispenser’s small size and light weight make it easy to transport it to events or outdoor picnics.
  • Sturdy materials used in the construction to resist regular use and potential impacts.
  • Ideal for Hospitality: Enhancing the customer experience in restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality venues.
  • Makes for a meaningful and distinctive gift option that combines innovation and utility.
  • Compatible with a Variety of Toothpick Sizes: designed to work with various brands by taking into account typical toothpick sizes.
  • Tabletop Accessory: Adds a practical aspect to your dining room design while also serving as a decorative tabletop accessory.
  • User-Friendly: Anyone, including young children and the elderly, can use it easily because to its intuitive design.
  • Maintenance: The dispenser is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it keeps working properly over time.
  • Useful Function: In addition to dispensing toothpicks, it can also dispense other tiny objects like floss picks, making it even more useful.


Pop-Up Automatic Toothpick Dispenser, Toothpick Storage Box, Toothpick Holder Dispenser. Automatic Toothpick Dispenser Healthy PP+ABS materials are used, and every step of the process—from the choice of raw materials to the numerous color tests to the opening of the mold—is meticulously scrutinized to produce toothpick holders of the highest caliber.

Automatic Toothpick Dispenser The compact and practical toothpick dispenser is 5.5 cm (L) x 5.5 cm (W) x 9.5 cm (H). Although small, the toothpick box has a significant capacity. It has a capacity of roughly 100 toothpicks, although the ideal one is only half as big.
The toothpick dispenser has a beautiful, refined, calm, and pure aesthetic. Ideal as gifts for friends, lovers, and family as well as for use in homes, offices, clubs, restaurants, bars, cafés, and hotels.

Dimension Automatic Toothpick Dispenser

Volu. Weight (Gm) :- 45

Product Weight (Gm) :- 30

Ship Weight (Gm) :- 45

Length (Cm) :- 5

Breadth (Cm) :- 5

Height (Cm) :- 7


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