Fridge stands, washing machine stands, furniture base stands

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  • Fridge stands For the purpose of to avoid making direct contact with the floor, refrigerator supports offer stability and height.
  • Washing machine stands increase appliance efficiency and lessen vibration.
  • Stands for furniture bases provide stability, shield surfaces from damage, and make cleaning easier.
  • Set of 4 refrigerator base stands for balanced and level weight distribution.
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Fridge stands, washing machine stands, furniture base stands, and 4 pcs refrigerator base stand

Your stools seem to be moving from one wall to another?

Do you constantly have a problem with the scratches on the floor?

How much anxiety do you have every time it occurs?

Furniture Base Stand, Fridge stands, Washing Machine Stand, and 4 Pieces Refrigerator Base Stand

You will adore this fantastic utilitarian item. Now take out those bricks, tiles, or wooden planks and use these sturdy blocks, which will make excellent furniture bases. By using this little gadget, you can save thousands of rupees on your expensive furnishings. It would prevent rust on your furniture and prevent rust stains on your floor. It would also be much simpler to clean beneath the furniture. You must try this inexpensive but incredibly beneficial and long-lasting gadget. Fridge stands

Our product has a fantastic top layer of adhesive that securely holds them on the furniture leg, unlike other similar pads.


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